MGM "Full Moon Reunion" Mooncake Gift Box
MGM collaborates with Chinese lifestyle design brand Duanmu Liangjin to present the "Full Moon Reunion" mooncake gift box. Design ingeniously combines “Flower and Dragon” Qing Dynasty Imperial Carpet from MGM’s art collection with the unique Chinese pattern of Duanmu Liangjin. The gift box also incorporates interactive elements, inviting everyone to create their unique Mid-Autumn stories with the character stickers.

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Executive Sous Chef Tam Yim Chan meticulously selects the finest ingredients, such as Heng Qin oysters and matsutake mushrooms to create Crispy-fried Hengqin Oyster with Onion Pepper Sasuce, Steamed Heng Qin Oyster with Yunnan Ham and Mashed Matsutake and more seasonal delicacies, featuring a multitude of vibrant flavors to awaken your palate, paired with two refreshing and nourishing herbal teas prepared by our tea sommelier that whet your appetite and relieve the summer heat.


CHÚN pays homage to Cantonese traditions through its authentic-refined Cantonese flair, which emphasizes on flavors of the freshest local ingredients, reinvented with top-quality global imports. Located beneath the world record glass roof with ample natural light, Chún is a one-of-a-kind Cantonese restaurant where guests can enjoy classic Cantonese dishes made with a variety of live seafood and finest dim sum in town, under an indoor alfresco setting. Chún is also fully embellished with stunning contemporary décor in the theme of “crane”, which symbolizes longevity, complementing its signature wellness-centric and aromatic dishes.

CHEF TAM YIM CHAN, Executive Sous Chef helming Chún, possesses over three decades of culinary experience in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. Formerly working at various reputable refined Cantonese restaurants, Chef Tam is well-known for his expertise to preserve the freshness and original essence of foods and also his methods to cook the most luxurious traditional Cantonese dishes such as abalone, sea cucumber, and fish maw, all requiring substantial years of training and high level of culinary techniques.

Two signature seafood dishes are highly recommended. First is the “Stir-Fried Boston Lobster with Assorted Onion”, a live Boston lobster cooked in high temperature oil then stir-fried to showcase the cornerstone of Cantonese cooking technique, “wok chi”, as well as to manage the cooking time perfectly to keep the freshness of the lobster. Another one is the “Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Crab Meat and White Mushroom”, a classic dish that was once for those of a lavish status, is reinvented at Chún with fresh crab meat delicately stuffed within the shell, delivering spoonful of sweetness of this crustacean combined with sautéed mushroom. The “Tea Smoked Crispy Chicken” is also a beloved dish for its perfect crisp and juiciness that ends with a lingering aroma of exquisite Longjing tea.

A selection of premium Chinese teas by our certified Tea Master is also available at the well decorated Tea Bar along an extensive fine wine list that is perfect for food pairings. With all the combined aspects, Chún is a perfect gathering place with your family and friends to explore refined Cantonese cuisines and to enjoy a relaxed, yet, sophisticated dining experience.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe, swimwear or flip-flops
Male guests refrain from wearing shorts (except lunch period), sleeveless shirt / vest or open toe shoes

Value set menus are not available during weekends and public holidays.

(853) 8806 2388 Daily: 12pm – 3pm | 6pm – 10pm

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