South by Square Eight

Dragon Boat Festival Delights
From now until June 10, MGM presents a delectable range of rice dumplings with specially designed fashionable and eco-friendly packaging, which is perfect for gifting and personal enjoyment during the holiday season!


Breezy Blossom Delights
In the season of renewal and vitality, chefs of Square Eight incorporates seasonal and nutritious ingredients such as toona sinensis and bamboo shoots into their creations, presenting Stir-Fried Scrambled Eggs with Toona Sinensis and Scallops, Braised Sea Cucumber with Spring Bamboo Shoots and more specialties, accompanied by appetizing floral teas, both refreshing and nourishing, while promoting digestion and boosting the immune system.


Follow your nose to South, an enhanced Cantonese café concept by Square Eight, where master chefs in open kitchens bring to life the aromas, flavors and bustle of Hong Kong and Guangdong, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The airy, convivial setting evokes the outdoors and is suited to quick and easy meals. Beautiful Macanese artwork from established calligrapher Mok Wa-Kei and artist Victor Marreiros adorns the restaurant walls.

South is perfect for solo diners and small groups, with a huge variety of delicious and authentic dishes available at excellent prices.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe or swimwear.

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24 hours

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