SUSHIDAN at Rossio

From now until August 18, SUSHIDAN joins hands with renowned Japanese sake brewery Osawa with over 300 years of history from Nagano to present an exclusive sake pairing. Sakes of the esteemed Meikyoshisui brand, including the most refined creations from the brewery, will be paired with Edomae Nigiri sushi to induce the ultimate fusion of umami flavors.


Meikyoshisui Sake Pairing
From now until June 16, June 22 – August 18
Every Tuesday – Sunday, 6:00 – 11:00 PM

The savoir-faire from the inimitable Edomae nigiri omakase has emerged as a new paradigm of dining with SUSHIDAN at Rossio. Chef Manato Ueno, is at the helm of SUSHIDAN — an evolution of Hiroyuki’s Hakkoku in Ginza.

Progressing into a sushi master himself, Chef Manato has returned to Macau Three years after a revered sushi pop-up which has garnered vast popularity in town. With SUSHIDAN at MGM MACAU, the only SUSHIDAN venture outside of Tokyo, Chef Manato greets diners with traditions of Edomae nigiri omakase experience — a substantial aspect of quintessence Japanese dining culture — fused with playful twists of his own that captures modern-day whims and palettes.

Decked out in hinoki (Japanese cypress) tabletop and wall linings in the fashion of traditional sushi houses, the interior is juxtaposed with a contemporary design of stone wall and sleek marble countertop adjacent to the mere 11 seats available. This is the playground where Chef Manato showcases the art of perfecting balance among traditions, taste and visual appetite through honed craftsmanship, from fish-aging and curing techniques, selecting appropriate grains of rice through the seasons, to curating his own formula of vinegar to best complement the rice and fish.

Every evening, Chef Manato and his team serve a variety of SUSHIDAN’s omakase sets, meanwhile augmenting the journey with interactive introduction of the ingredients, cookery, to culinary anecdotes, making it an exquisite yet fun-filled dining experience where cultures intertwine and camaraderie is celebrated.

Value set menus are not available during weekends and public holidays.

Consumir bebidas alcoólicas em excesso prejudica a saúde
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful to health

A venda ou disponibilização de bebidas alcoólicas a menores de 18 anos é proibida
The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited

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