COAST presents all-day dining fare that captures the spirit of Western favorites! Taking inspiration from the relaxing and sunny coast setting, Coast is illuminated with natural sunlight through the decorative glass where family and friends can gather for easy conversation in cozy booths and comfortable tables, sharing a wide selection of pizza, pasta, burgers, and salads, in addition to other comforting delights, any time of the day.

Hearty yet refreshing Kale Salad, Lobster Rolls or Roasted Mushroom Pizza are some of the perfect selections. Every bite of the Kale Salad is full of texture, combining crispy kale, roasted pumpkins, and tart pomegranate seeds with a silky pistachio vinaigrette. Each of Coast’s Lobster Rolls is filled with one whole Boston Lobster, fennel, and lemon zest, all dressed with mayonnaise and served in a buttery brioche bun. The Roasted Mushroom Pizza, is baked in Coast’s show oven until crispy, then laden with generous portions of butter-roasted mushrooms, mizuna and fresh rosemary.

The restaurant also dedicates some of its a la carte selections to Macanese and Portuguese dishes to pay homage to the city’s earliest form of Western cuisine. If you are a meat lover, the BBQ platter is a great sharing dish. A taste of succulent Western and Asian BBQ variations is on offer including pulled pork, grilled chicken thigh, BBQ pork ribs and crispy pork belly. Do not forget to complete your meal with Coast’s velvety desserts including the popular cheesecake, red velvet cake, and chocolate fudge cake.

Coast also houses a wine cellar, which amplifies the social gathering aspect of the restaurant, and reinforces that it is a wonderful venue to host birthday dinners or other festive celebrations with family and friends. Guests can find a selection of Californian and Portuguese wines, imported beers and spirits, with a wide array of this selection available for a la carte and retail purchase.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe or swimwear.

Value set menus are not available during weekends and public holidays.

Consumir bebidas alcoólicas em excesso prejudica a saúde
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful to health

A venda ou disponibilização de bebidas alcoólicas a menores de 18 anos é proibida
The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited

(853) 8806 2328 Daily: 7am - 3pm | 6pm – 11pm

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