Grill 58

The Butcher’s Block – Weekend Lunch
Grill 58 elevate the lunch escapade with scrumptious creations featuring premium cuts of beef from Butcher’s Trolley, seasonal seafood, and quality ingredients handpicked by our head chef, combined with a personalized dining experience that allows guests to choose their prime meat in preferred cooking methods and seasonings.


Your Bar Choice
Grill 58, with its multi award-winning cellar boasting over 4,000 labels from around the world, collaborate with renowned bottler and tasting experts to present exclusive guided tasting events starting in March, inviting guests to explore the tantalizing flavors of a meticulous selection of premium single malt whiskies and fine wines from all around the world.


Consumir bebidas alcoólicas em excesso prejudica a saúde
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful to health

A venda ou disponibilização de bebidas alcoólicas a menores de 18 anos é proibida
The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited

The Butcher's Block
Acclaimed steakhouse Grill 58 selects premium beef from the world-class Royal Ranch Farm in the U.S., raised on healthy and sustainable environment with a diverse and nutrient-rich natural diet without added hormones or antibiotics. You can choose from different cuts and weights through our unique tableside service, including boneless ribeye, filet mignon, Striploin, and prime rib, provides intricate flavors and exceptional tenderness that will impress from the first bite.


Teppanyaki Escapades
Three novel concepts await at Grill 58: Bar 58, firewood grill and Teppanyaki 58, presenting you the precise work of unique craftsmanship, made to fit your style of dining.

Exclusive Teppanyaki sessions featuring the season’s most lavish ingredients, from Uni, Toro, Japanese Wagyu, and other exquisite flair.

GRILL 58 presents three novel concepts of precise work of unique craftsmanship, with each dish expertly curated by the Chefs team to flaunt the beauty of exceptional meats, freshest seafood as well as the magic of woodfire grill and teppanyaki.

Space and light permeate the open-air restaurant as it overlooks the Spectacle, a dazzling visual feast in itself. Guests are greeted to the white-marbled bar area, Bar 58, upon arriving at the restaurant, where wines from both the Old and New worlds as well as specialty cocktails are on offer to accompany any tête-à-tête, the perfect way to unwind before or after an unforgettable meal at either the steakhouse and grill section or the teppan counters.

In the heart of the restaurant is Macau’s only custom-built Himalayan pink salt meat-aging room, the artisan corner in resemblance of a butcher’s house, where our chefs prepare exquisitely aged premium meats from Japan, the U.S. and Australia, and homemade sausages. The comprehensive menu also features seafood delights such as the sumptuous Seafood Platter on Ice and Alaskan King Crab Cakes, Grill 58’s rendition of a staple steakhouse classic.

Harnessing the Japanese culture with meticulous skills, a guided teppan counter dining experience peaks interest with an engaging and interactive experience at Teppanyaki 58.Two menus, featuring multiple courses of seafoods, meats and vegetables prepared by our highly-skilled chefs that epitomizes the amalgamation of flavors and creativity.

With over 4,000 wine labels, our sommeliers can inform and recommend a perfect match for your pleasure.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe, swimwear or flip-flops
Male guests refrain from wearing shorts (except lunch period), sleeveless shirt / vest or open toe shoes

Value set menus are not available during weekends and public holidays.

(853) 8806 2318 Grill 58 & Bar
Tue - Fri: 6pm - 11pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm - 3pm | 6pm - 11pm

Teppanyaki 58
Tue – Sun : 6pm – 11pm

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