Bar Patuá

The Autumn Equinox
Bar Patuá brings you the “Autumn Babao Cocktail”, inspired by the classic Babao tea. This intriguing concoction features seasonal Chinese ingredients such as Ginseng, Red Date, Dry Longan, elevated with the 18 years blended whisky as base, resulting the perfect fusion of the east and the west.

Book now to explore the tastes of Autumn with more of our seasonal cocktails – “Autumn Streams” and “The Autumn Equinox” specially curated by our award-winning bar manager, Paul Zhang, who has dedicated four years to develop the series.


Like the carefully crafted cocktails that our mixologists create, Bar Patuá is a masterful Macanese blend of East and West, a heady concoction of romance, elegance, and intimacy, where good friends and business associates can come together to swap stories and engage in the art of conversation, or simply relax in plush surrounds.

Named after the almost forgotten Macanese creole language that fuses Chinese, Portuguese, Malay and Sinhalese, the bar pays tribute to Macau’s rich multicultural heritage. It evokes the days when traders and workers brought with them exotic goods and tales of adventure from around the world. Designed for today’s jet set generation, Bar Patuá features warm and welcoming interiors in pristine shades of beige and gold. Décor, furniture and objects are a mix of classic and contemporary as well as Oriental and European style. Comfortable sofas and armchairs invite you to settle in and cozy alcoves ensure discretion and privacy.

Get in the spirit of Bar Patuá and order one of our creative cocktails, made with premium liquor and ingredients, or sample our selection of local beers, accompanied by a platter of artisanal cold cuts and other bar snacks. With a chilled yet upbeat atmosphere, Bar Patuá is a uniquely Macanese meeting place for sophisticated travelers from every corner of the globe.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe, swimwear or flip-flops
Male guests refrain from wearing shorts (except lunch period), sleeveless shirt / vest or open toe shoes

(853) 8806 2398

6pm – 1am Daily

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