South by Square Eight

MGM "Full Moon Reunion" Mooncake Gift Box
MGM collaborates with Chinese lifestyle design brand Duanmu Liangjin to present the "Full Moon Reunion" mooncake gift box. Design ingeniously combines “Flower and Dragon” Qing Dynasty Imperial Carpet from MGM’s art collection with the unique Chinese pattern of Duanmu Liangjin. The gift box also incorporates interactive elements, inviting everyone to create their unique Mid-Autumn stories with the character stickers.

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A variety of Chao Zhou-style marinated and chilled specialties are available for you this summer. Using secret-recipe spiced soy sauce to marinate signature dishes like Marinated Goose Meat, Chao Zhou Style, Marinated Pork Belly, Chao Zhou Style and more enticing authentic flavors, along with Chao Zhou’s Braised Spring Cabbage with Pork Ribs in Claypot, Chaozhou Style, which is appetizing and heat reliving that helps you stay hydrated this summer.


Follow your nose to South, an enhanced Cantonese café concept by Square Eight, where master chefs in open kitchens bring to life the aromas, flavors and bustle of Hong Kong and Guangdong, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The airy, convivial setting evokes the outdoors and is suited to quick and easy meals. Beautiful Macanese artwork from established calligrapher Mok Wa-Kei and artist Victor Marreiros adorns the restaurant walls.

South is perfect for solo diners and small groups, with a huge variety of delicious and authentic dishes available at excellent prices.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe or swimwear.

(853) 8802 2389

24 hours

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