You’ll embark on MGM's Road to Art the moment you step inside. In addition to our permanent collection shown throughout the resort, MGM endeavors to bring magnificently expansive art and culture programs while supporting and reinforcing Macau as a cultural and entertainment destination, an international city where globally influential artwork is created, appreciated, and treasured.

The MGM COTAI Art Collection features over 300 captivating and thought-provoking works seamlessly integrated with MGM COTAI’s public spaces. Discover antique carpets dating from the Qing Dynasty, modern and contemporary Asian paintings and sculptures by renowned artists, freshly-commissioned works by local and regional rising talents, and large-scale interactive installations. The collection is part of MGM’s goal to bring world cultures together through innovative artworks that are each spectacular in their own right.

MGM COTAI guided art tours: To continue to share with our guests the impressive art features at MGM COTAI, art tours are available on request and can be arranged at MGM COTAI hotel lobby by Front Office. For enquiries, please call us at: (853) 8802 3833 or email us at


The Chairman’s Collection is comprised of highly-collectible artworks – paintings, sculptures and installations – rooted in Oriental aesthetics with contemporary flourishes and Western influences by 20th century modern and contemporary master artists. The collection will provide a stunning visual complement to MGM COTAI, while reflecting MGM’s commitment to creating world-class destinations that epitomize entertainment, creativity, and style. As connections between people and places are becoming more and more developed, so too will the Chairman’s Collection connect East with West, tradition with innovation, MGM with Macau. In the spirit of the One Belt, One Road campaign, the collection will bring the world to China, and China to the world.

The MGM Collection of Imperial Carpets – Masterpieces of the Qing Dynasty

Silk and metal carpets embellished the royal pavilions of the Forbidden City of Beijing during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Nowadays, only 300 pieces are known among public and private collections. The 28 carpets included in this unique collection display common features in style, time period, and symbolism.

Established under the reign of Emperor Kangxi, the Imperial workshops, or Zaobanchu, manufactured goods and furniture for the Imperial Court. They were known for silk carpets with gold, silver, and copper thread depicting dragons, phoenixes, and flowers.

Only 126 carpets retain the name of their destined pavilion, embroidered on the selvage. They relate to about 20 pavilions and 6 recur frequently: the Hall of Supreme Harmony, or Taihedian; the Hall of Central Harmony, or Zhonghedian; the Hall of Preserved Harmony, or Baohedian; the Palace of Heavenly Purity, or Qiangingong; the Palace of Tranquil Longevity, or Ningshougong; and the Hall of Great Benevolence, or Jinrengong.

The Art Collection

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