Past Exhibition

"To Infinity and Beyond: The Art of Hsiao Chin" special exhibition

29/7 — 24/9/2023

MGM presented "To Infinity and Beyond: The Art of Hsiao Chin" special exhibition, an unprecedented large-scale immersive exhibition, showcasing the vibrant and colorful universe of philosophies and artistic life of the Modern Abstract Art Master, Mr. Hsiao Chin, perpetuating the vitality of art and dynamic spirit of Infinity and Beyond. It is one of Special Exhibition of “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2023”.

Mr. Hsiao Chin (1935–2023) had been one of the most important Chinese/European artists in the last six decades, with his works included in the collections of major museums in China, the United States, and Europe. He had been exploring and creating abstract artworks since the 1950s, combining traditional Chinese philosophies such as Zen and Taoism with his exploration of the relationship between humans and the universe through space travel. Throughout his life, Hsiao had been continuously surpassing himself, embracing grand energy and spiritual power from the universe, expressing love and blessings in his works, and expressing his passion for life. He had made outstanding contributions to the modernization of Chinese art, achieving the ultimate state of Infinity and Beyond.

This exhibition is curated by Calvin Hui, an acclaimed cultural entrepreneur from Hong Kong, and has Philip Dodd, a renowned curator from the United Kingdom, to be the curatorial consultant. The special exhibition employs a new revolutionary curatorial concept of “ART-TECH-TAINMENT”, integrating art, technology, and entertainment to create a new artistic universe with the versatile state-of-the-art black box space of MGM, creating space within space. Hsiao's museum-level masterpieces are metamorphosed innovatively and inspirationally into digital, three-dimensional formats, and even integrated with audio-visual elements.

This exhibition is the most important stop of the world tour of the artist in recent years, featuring many of his monumental masterpieces, the first digital sculptural installation, panoramic cosmic art movie, and virtual reality (VR) experimental arts. Commences with “PUNTO”, the essence of traditional Chinese culture and art, the exhibition is organized into eight zones, of which resembles the shape of the number “8”, the symbol of infinity, with originality and creativity, from physical art masterpieces to interactive multimedia explorations, presenting the everlasting energy and vitality of art of Mr. Hsiao Chin and paying tribute to his vibrant and colorful artistic life and universe to Infinity and Beyond.

In view of extending the artistic life of "To Infinity and Beyond" exhibition, a Digital Art Jamming creative workshop is set up at MGM COTAI, Lion Lobby. Visitors may create their own digital artwork and express themselves by exploring Hsiao's unique use of colors and presentation,To further embrace the Art of Living concept, the exhibition has also especially launched a lineup of cultural and creative gift products designed with elements of Hsiao Chin's artwork for the very first time, alongside limited-edition prints of Hsiao’s original artwork.

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