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MGM “Full Moon Reunion" Mooncake Gift Box
MGM collaborates with Chinese lifestyle design brand Duanmu Liangjin to present the “Full Moon Reunion" mooncake gift box. Design ingeniously combines “Flower and Dragon” Qing Dynasty Imperial Carpet from MGM’s art collection with the unique Chinese pattern of Duanmu Liangjin. The gift box also incorporates interactive elements, inviting everyone to create their unique Mid-Autumn stories with the character stickers.

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North by Square Eight collaborates with Jiangzhou Yu Lao Biao, a renowned Jiangxi cuisine restaurant, to present local delicacies by the guest chefs from Jiangxi. Featuring specialties including Sauteed Chicken with Ginger and Chinese Yellow Wine, Jiu Jiang Style, Braised Duck with Beer, Nan Chang Style, and Steamed Pork with Rice Noodles, Wu Yuan Style. The bold and intricate flavors are paired with appetizing and refreshing fruit drinks.


Take your taste buds on a culinary tour of the tastiest dishes from northern and central China at North, a new dining concept under Square Eight that brings you quality, choice, creativity, authenticity and outstanding value for money under one roof.

Feast on your favorites and hard-to-find cold appetisers, congees, noodles, pancakes, dumplings and signature dishes from Beijing, Dongbei, Hunan, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Zhejiang and more. Along with popular meat dishes, we are delighted to offer live seafood cooked the way you like it, and a noodle station where artisans will wow you with their noodle-pulling and cutting skills.

North is a restaurant you will find yourself coming back to again and again. Our extensive menu, authentic dishes, fast and efficient service and quality to price ratio is a winner any day of the week.

Dress code:
All guests refrain from wearing bathrobe or swimwear.

(853) 8802 2388 Daily: 11am – 11pm





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