MGM "Full Moon Reunion" Mooncake Gift Box
MGM collaborates with Chinese lifestyle design brand Duanmu Liangjin to present the "Full Moon Reunion" mooncake gift box. Design ingeniously combines “Flower and Dragon” Qing Dynasty Imperial Carpet from MGM’s art collection with the unique Chinese pattern of Duanmu Liangjin. The gift box also incorporates interactive elements, inviting everyone to create their unique Mid-Autumn stories with the character stickers.

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With assortment of tropical fruits such as coconut, mango and passion fruit, we present four exotic island-inspired limited edition summer cakes, exuding refreshing and romantic vibes. Two invigorating special drinks are also available to help you stay hydrated and beat the heat.


Hennessy Tipsy Indulgence Afternoon Tea Set
Anytime joins forces with international premium spirits producer Hennessy to present a limited-time afternoon tea set featuring a delightful blend of the rich and complex flavors of classic Hennessy X.O and V.S.O.P with savory and sweet delicacies, paired with the specially crafted Hennessy cocktails for an enticing journey of the senses.

Promotion Period Prices (MOP)
May 1 – August 31

Hennessy Afternoon Tea Set
$388 / for two


Hennessy Bubbly Cocktail
$150 up / per glass

Hennessy X.O 50ml
$380/per glass

Consumir bebidas alcoólicas em excesso prejudica a saúde
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is harmful to health

A venda ou disponibilização de bebidas alcoólicas a menores de 18 anos é proibida
The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited

Located at the heart of MGM COTAI’s Spectacle, Anytime travels with the Sun and the Moon in a day and offers guests a felicitous atmosphere surrounded by the world-record Spectacle roof and digital display. You can enjoy a little me-time under the indoor al fresco atrium or get together with your besties to indulge in an array of classic cakes and pastries freshly baked in house by the MGM pastry team.

Anytime is recognized as Cotai’s superior sweet spot. With its obvious sweet overtones, guests will experience delicate intricacies from the very best of in house cakes, pastries, ice cream, confectionary and our very own bubble tea as well as haute cuisine retail sourced from around the globe bringing a myriad of offerings. Its manifold offering is complemented by a pleasantly balanced menu featuring all day fare, afternoon tea with evening cocktails and snacks, accented with Asian overtones.

Dress code:
All guests are discouraged from wearing bathrobe, or swimwear.

Value set menus are not available during weekends and public holidays.

(853) 8806 2338 Daily: 9am - 9pm




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