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Nature's Art

Nature’s Art holds over 100,000 plants and over 2,000 plant species native to Macau, mainland China, and 18 other countries. This indoor garden within the Spectacle embraces the value of all plants, regardless of rarity or prevalence. Several extinct species were even brought back to life with the aid of botanical garden seed banks based in Hong Kong and Europe.

Magnificent scenery unfolds in each direction of the Spectacle, using intricately designed biodiversity to open windows to other worlds.

The interior landscapes of the Spectacle, like the natural landscapes that inspired them, will continue to evolve over time. The perpetually changing textures, colors, and scents of new species and artistic ideas enable these dynamic, engaging works of art to always excite and inspire. Temporary installations, exhibitions, and festivals will take you on journeys unimagined. Through the deliberate use of botany, horticulture, and design, Nature’s Art, designed by Mingzhu Nerval, will take you on a journey of history, culture, and art.

Using the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West, we merge the textures and colors of plants from all corners of the earth to depict landscapes of China; by exploring each direction, we dive into new worlds.

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