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Explore the beauty of Chinese embroidery with MGM

1/11 — 30/12/2018

Art Tour of Imperial Carpets

Embark on a journey to explore the beauty of Chinese embroidery through exquisite imperial carpets and costumes from the “Story of Yanxi Palace”

MGM COTAI presents an “Art Tour of Imperial Carpets”. This curated tour takes you on a journey to discover the rich beauty of Chinese antique carpets, which inspired the set design of the highly acclaimed drama “Story of Yanxi Palace”. The tour then continues with a display of exquisitely crafted costumes from the show.

Imperial Gāo Diǎn

Taste the exquisite Imperial Gāo Diǎn at Chún and Imperial Court for a mouth-watering culinary experience.

Ancient Costumes Exhibition

MGM COTAI presents the “Ancient Costumes Exhibition”, where a lineup of costumes and accessories from the drama series “Story of Yanxi Palace” will be on display for the first time ever in Macau.

Living Heritage Symposium

MGM presents a symposium on intangible cultural heritage at MGM Theater. This event, organized to promote the cultural and creative industries in the Greater Bay Area, will be hosted by Ms. Miriam Sun, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. Renowned professionals across various arts and cultural disciplines will share their insights and ideas on how to integrate Chinese heritage with modern creativity. Keynote speakers include: Mr. Yu Zheng, Executive Producer and Art Director of the drama “Story of Yanxi Palace”; Ms. Bi Hong, expert in and collector of Qing Dynasty Culture and Costumes; Mr. Zhang Bin, representative of Kunqu Opera Culture; and Ms. Emily Chan, Macau director.

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