A Landscape of Metamorphosis: No End to End

personJennifer Wen Ma

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location_onThe Spectacle


The large-scale inter-disciplinary sculptural art installation "A Landscape of Metamorphosis: No End to End" takes audience to traverse between multiple artistic fields. Artist fuses her honeycomb-construction paper-sculpture technique with cutting edge contemporary technology while combining laser cutting with Chinese traditional art forms, philosophies, aesthetic theories and practices, such as Literati landscape painting, classical garden design, and the Book of Rites. The art installation is embedded with LED panels that reflect the change of seasons in their color and rhythm, along with three Digital Ponds for guests to experience animated images that reflect the changes in nature. In addition to the floor garden installation, there are three metamorphic butterfly shaped creatures, taking flight from the gardens. Composed through Rorschach image-making and Chinese characters “nothingness” 無, “exhaustive” 窮 and “limit” 盡. Strung together, 無窮盡 produce a never-ending source of metamorphic content to echo the continuous innovation of Chinese culture.

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