Embark on MGM's Road to Art the moment you step inside. ’M Art is a space where "M" stands for MGM and also means "I'm Art" that everyone can be an artist at MGM. In line with MGM's ethos of integrating art into daily life, ’M Art is a space that features exclusive cultural and creative merchandise, including lithographs and art catalogues, Palace Museum Dragon year stamps for the Chinese New Year, as well as a variety of souvenirs which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, genuinely bringing the beauty of art into the lives of audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The space also features a Digital Art Jamming experience, allowing the public to create their own unique digital artworks by combining the signature geometric elements and color combinations of Modern Abstract Art Master Hsiao Chin. Audience indulges in a fun and creative environment to learn art through tech and tech through art as well as cultivating their interests in the synthesis of art and technology. The audience can even personalize it further by inputting custom messages on the art piece. Through the interactive experience, we hope that the audience can explore their own personality and aesthetic, expressing themselves with Hsiao Chin's unique colors and forms, embracing the artist's blessings for life.

Time: 12pm to 8pm
Venue: ’M Art at Lion Lobby, MGM COTAI

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