Giraffe meets Qilin

personEric Fok

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location_onThe Spectacle

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Macau artist Eric Fok excels in using technical pen and paper as tools to create intricate ancient maps, incorporating contemporary elements to explore the changes brought about by urban development. The "Giraffe meets Qilin" is Eric Fok's first digital masterpiece, extending the innovative concept of "ART-TECH" at MGM. It expands the realm of the public art space, transforming the Spectacle into a "360-degree art museum" by showcasing the ancient navigation map on Asia’s largest indoor LED screens. The fusion of antique navigation map with iconic architecture immerses the audience in a mesmerizing journey of cultural exchange between East and West and its transformation, spanning from the Age of Discovery to the present.

MGM commits to nurture local cultural and artistic talents. MGM has been collaborating with Eric Fok since the opening of MGM COTAI and his works have been collected in MGM Chairman's Collection and displayed in the public space.

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