MGM “Macau Cruise” Sightseeing Cruise

“Macau Cruise” departs daily from Barra Pier to Coloane, taking passengers from Macau Peninsula to Coloane while offering the best of both sea and land sightseeing to explore the charm of the two World Heritage Sites of Macau from multiple perspectives, and integrate the cultural tourism experience into the community.

Macau Cruise circuit commutes between Barra and Coloane, allowing passengers to visit A-Ma Temple, one of Macau's most iconic historical and cultural landmarks. Being the oldest temple in Macau and a tourist attraction that offers a captivating fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty with a vibrant spiritual ambience, it attracts countless visitors all year round. Stroll through the heritage architecture and alleys of Coloane Old Town to discover the alternative charm of the city, while savoring the famous Portuguese egg tarts.

With a short walk from A-Ma Temple and Coloane, you can reach the Barra Pier or Coloane Pier to board the Macau Cruise for an unparalleled sightseeing experience.

Jointly curated by MGM and the local agency, the cabin design combines the World Heritage Site A-Ma Temple and iconic landmarks with maritime elements, blending traditional and modern attractions with a mix of Eastern and Western cultures, elevating the visual experience of the sightseeing cruise with strong cultural narratives.

Time limited special event - “Macao: Back to Common Roots” AR experience also be available now, inviting passengers to embark on a journey through time and discover the eight remarkable “firsts” in Macau. Scan the artworks created by local artist Luk Hei to explore the historical and cultural stories of Macau in an interactive theater that combines 2D and 3D animation styles, enriching your sightseeing experience at sea

With over 40 seats on board and four trips daily, passengers can set sail with a unique journey for the charm of Macau.

- Departs from Barra Pier at 2pm and 4pm daily.
- Departs from Coloane Pier at 2:30pm and 4:30pm daily.
4 round trips daily in total

For ticketing enquiries or purchase, please visit the service counter at the hotel lobby of MGM MACAU or MGM COTAI, or you may also visit Barra Pier and Coloane Pier.

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