“Into the World of Wuxia Legends” Jin Yong Wuxia Drama Costumes and Weapons Exhibition at Barra

“Shooting a white deer, snow flutters around the skies. Smiling, one writes about the divine chivalrous one, leaning against bluish lovebirds.” The 15 wuxia (martial arts and chivalry) novels of Dr Louis Cha (Jin Yong) are not only literary treasures, but also cultural symbols and values that have profoundly influenced the creation and development of movies, television dramas, video games, and other art and cultural works. Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) has adapted Jin Yong's works into TV dramas multiple times, popularizing Jin Yong's world of wuxia among people from all walks of life through extensive coverage, and representing the trend of the times.

With the concept of "Living Art in Style”, MGM endeavors to take an innovative approach in the inheritance of traditional Chinese art and culture. In collaboration with TVB, we present the “Into the World of Wuxia Legends” Jin Yong Wuxia Drama Costumes and Weapons Exhibition at Barra. The two exhibition areas will relive the iconic scenes from the eight renowned Jin Yong's wuxia TV dramas, including Book and Sword, Crimson Sabre, The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain 1999, The Condor Heroes 95, The Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre 2000, The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, State of Divinity, and The Duke Of Mount Deer. Over 20 carefully selected costumes and props with historical, cultural and aesthetic values are displayed. The exhibition also features highlights of TVB’s Jin Yong TV dramas, bringing the audience back to the glorious days of wuxia dramas and embrace the spirit of martial arts and chivalry in traditional Chinese culture.

Date: 2024/04/30 – 07/30
Time: Monday to Friday - 11:00AM – 18:00PM
Time: Saturday to Sunday and PH - 11:00AM – 21:00PM
Venue: Navy Yard No. 1 & Navy Yard No. 2
*Temporary closed of the exhibition 16 June 2024, 17:00PM – 19:00PM

Ticket Price: Standard Ticket MOP 50 | Concession ticket* MOP 30 (This ticket is only valid for individuals aged 65 and above or groups consisting of 30 or more persons.)
Free entry for child aged 10 or below accompanied by an adult.

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