Community Outreach eLearning Program - Greater Bay Area

To promote the implementation of “Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” and to strengthen the cultural and tourism cooperation among Greater Bay Area, MGM partners with Macao Government Tourism Office, Macau Deaf Association, Guangdong Association of The Deaf, and joined hands with Guangdong Province Sign-language Association, developed this community outreach eLearning program “Power in Our Hands – The Greater Bay Area Sign Languages”. Based on the cultural and tourism information of the Greater Bay Area, this program provides basic knowledge of Standard Chinese Sign Language and Macao Sign Language. This is aimed to raise awareness of Accessible Tourism and Sign Language Culture among the Greater Bay Area community as well as cultural and tourism industry practitioners, and to contribute to the development of accessible tourism environment, workspace and a humanistic bay area.

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)


In this chapter, we will explore the Greater Bay Area’s rich cultural and tourism resources while learning Standard Chinese Sign Language and Macao Sign Language.

Cities in GBA
Sightseeing in GBA


Sign Language

In this chapter, we will learn about tips in using Sign Languages as well as fundamental knowledge in Macao Sign Language (MacSL). Participants will be able to lay down a solid foundation of learning this new language.

Getting Started with Sign Language
Macao Sign Language Basics


With wonderful cultural & historical hybridity, and as the World Centre of Tourism and Leisure, and a city with UNESCO-crowned world heritages and Gastronomy, Macao has numerous exciting offerings for its visitors. In this chapter, let’s learn about how to describe the beautiful city with our hands.

Hospitality Facilities
Sightseeing in Macao
City Facilities & Transportation


In this chapter, we will learn basic terms for daily communication in MacSL. From basic things, let’s make effort to assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to achieve the same life outcomes as Hearing people.

Useful Phrases

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