Jiangxi and Chaozhou Specialties

Square Eight presents seasonal specialties of Jiangxi and Chaozhou cuisines with authentic secret recipes, whetting your appetite during the hot summer days.

Jiangxi Local Delicacies

North by Square Eight collaborates with Xingyuan Catering Group from Beijing to present the summer exclusive Jiangxi delicacies. A variety of signature creations of Gan cuisine with authentic mastery would be available, such as Sauteed chicken with ginger and Chinese yellow wine in Jiu Jiang style, and Braised duck with beer in Nan Chang style, which are flavorful, rich and appetizing.

Date: June 1 to August 31
Time: 11am to 11pm
Location: North by Square Eight
Book Now: (853) 8802 2388


Tantalizing Chaozhou Delicacies

South by Square Eight presents Chaozhou-style marinated and chilled specialties created with our chef’s secret recipe of marinade, including marinated goose meat, marinated pork belly, chilled yellowfin seabream fish in Chao Zhou style and more authentic dishes, awakening the palate with tangy and invigorating flavors.

Date: June 1 to August 31
Time: Open 24 hours
Location: South by Square Eight
Book Now: (853) 8802 2389






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