MGM Lion Dance Championship - Junior Lion Dance Training Program 2017

“MGM Lion Dance Championship – Junior Lion Dance Training Program 2017” is making a comeback! Running from July 3 to August 18, the program provides an opportunity for local youth to make good use of their summer time.

The acclaimed MGM Lion Dance Championship has aimed to discover an international, modern and professional dimension of Lion Dance while preserving it as a traditional Chinese culture. This year, we’re continuing to promote this energetic sporting event to all age groups. As part of the MGM Lion Dance Championship, the “Junior Lion Dance Training Program 2017” targets local children aged 5 to 10, and the curriculum includes an array of interesting topics, from basic footwork to the use of various props and instruments. Through the program, participants can improve their physical health and discipline while enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding after-school life. Graduates will enjoy the chance of public performance upon completing the program. The program is free and application is available until June 29. Let your kids have fun while reveling in Chinese culture!