When the autumn wind blows and the chrysanthemums blossom, the crabs grow plump and prime.

Autumn is a perfect season to savor scrumptious crabs. Relish in an array of seasonal crab dishes at Five Foot Road, Chún and Imperial Court for palate indulgence. Don’t miss out this Golden Crab Rush at MGM this fall!

Restaurant Specials Promotional Period Menu
Five Foot Road
  • Wok-fried crab with rice cake, pickled ginger and garlic
  • Steamed glutinous rice dumplings with crab meat, spring onion and green peppercorn
  • Chilled crab with Wuliangye, aged vinegar and peppercorn sauce
Oct 1 to Nov 30 Menu
  • Braised Boston lobster with hairy crab roe and tofu
Imperial Court
  • Wok-fried lion head croaker fillet with hairy crab roes and fresh milk
  • Crispy-fried blue angel shrimp rolls with hairy crab roe and avocado

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