’M Art

MGM endeavors to tap art and culture into everyday life and explore it with you from an innovative point of view.

’M Art is a conceptual creative space at MGM COTAI, designed in contemporary style. A range of parent-kids activities are available to create a fun and inspiring cultural tourism experience, while workshops led by Artists to spark conversation across boundaries are curated on occasions. ’M Art creates a perfect platform for cultural lovers and life enthusiasts of different background and age to innovate, and at the same time help facilitating cultural and creativity industries development.

’M Art has specially invited two local artists – YCC and Chan Ka Ian, to construct a drawing of MGM with their unique touch and turn them into an “MGM Memory Card”. We invite everyone here to MGM to unleash their creativity and create their own art piece in the blank area of the memory card, share and cherish the happy moment here through colors and creativity.

  • YCC, Macau handicraft design, illustrator and designer. She imaginatively combines different elements and colors to create her vibrant style full of positivity. In her work, the cartoons that are representing her explores the fun at MGM with us.
  • Chan Ka Ian Vanda, Macau design, art and illustration freelancer. Daily lives ignite Vanda’s inspiration and creation, with imagination, new ideas emerge. Her work showcases how different art pieces at MGM COTAI, vividly bringing joy to people in every corner.

We believe everyone can be an artist! Unleash your endless imagination while exploring possibility beyond imagination at ’M Art and create infinitesparks with aesthetics and creativity.

Location: ’M Art, Lion Lobby, MGM COTAI
Time: 11:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 19:00 daily

Free entry

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