Focused. Unrestrained. Creativity.

Art is an integral part of MGM MACAU’s essence, informing every aspect from décor to personality. Now, discover the pieces and creative geniuses that make MGM MACAU such a work of art.

Controversial. Stimulating. Surrealist.

The face of an entire cultural movement, the spiritual descendant of the Renaissance artists, the master himself – Salvador Dalí is easily one of the most famous and influential writers and painters of the early 20th century.

Now you can admire some of this eccentrically electrifying artist’s most recognizable and revered works at MGM MACAU – from the dreamy Alice in Wonderland to the graceful Dalinian Dancer.

Meticulous. Effervescent. Magnificence.

Washington-born Dale Chihuly’s fine glass sculptures have been featured in more than 200 museums – and are a key element of MGM MACAU’s artistic identity.

The delicate hand-blown glass flower Fiori di Paradiso Ceiling greets you the moment you set foot in the main lobby. The first of its kind in Asia, it’s echoed by Chihuly’s large wall painting Fiori di Paradiso Drawing Wall, set behind the reception desk.

Awe-inspiring. Breath-taking. Grand.

If you had to describe the VIP lobby in one word, it would be “noble.” The curvy ceiling has been hand-decorated in gold leaf, accentuating its imposing style. The walls and flooring are mostly made from three different, incredibly rare and precious marbles – Coral Stone, Lapis Stone and Nephrite Jade.

Artistic. Original. Innovative

The MGM Art Space, which measures more than 8,000 sq ft, is a place of infinite creativity, boundless imagination and limitless possibilities. It serves as a medium for making art accessible to all people, thus reinforcing Macau’s status as an international metropolis where globally influential artworks are appreciated, interpreted and studied.

Past Exhibitions

Classics. Arts. Creations

Located at the second floor of MGM MACAU, the L2 Showcase is an extraordinary exhibition venue with elements of lighting and color uniquely designed for art appreciation. To promote the everlasting classics while encouraging innovative creation, various exhibitions are held regularly to provide visitors a unique experience of arts and imagination.

Current exhibition